Weir Concepts Products

Weir Concepts specializes in the creation of emergency shutdown (ESD) systems and control systems. We apply a comprehensive approach using our products coupled with goods from related lines to provide you with quality, advanced solutions and the complete package.

  • Rack & Pinion

    WC - Rack and Pinion Actuators

    This design is reliable, high quality, and provides a wide range of economical sizing selections.

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  • WC - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Quarter Turn Valve Operators

    WCM 35 & WCM 50

    Durable, lightweight cast aluminum drive cases are standard - ideal for low temperature and sour service conditions.

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  • WC - Self Contained Hydraulic Pump Low Pressure

    This design is reliable, high quality, and is compatible with valves: quarter turn ball, plug or butterfly.  It’s designed for remote locations with it’s self generated. The pump is guaranteed to shutdown operation.

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  • WC - Self Contained Hydraulic Pump High Pressure

    The WCSCHP is designed to provide reliable valve shutdown capability when an external power source is not available or not dependable.  The WCSCHP will perform in the most demanding of conditions. This ESD design is a fail safe system.

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  • WC - Adaptation Hardware

    - All valve and actuator combinations.
    - Hardware built to suit.
    - Custom Orders, no minimum quantities - mounting and testing.

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  • WC - 3-Way Control Valve

    Model 4057 and 4457 is manufactured for manual and automatic hydraulic or pneumatic control systems and offer exceptional flow capacity.

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  • WC - Quick Exhaust Valve

    High exhaust characteristics - Port size range from 1/8” to 3/4” - High flow capacity - Compact and light weight - low differential pressure.

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  • WC - Speed Controls

    WC-Flow Control Valve
    - RE Flow Rate Control

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  • WC - Gear Series

    This product is highly suitable for all general industrial applications as well as applications in oilfield chemical, power and waterworks.  This gear series is intended for the operation of 90° rotary ball, plug and butterfly valves as well as power and process dampers.

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  • WC - Gear Operator

    Weatherproof housing, manufactured from high strength cast iron, protects and isolates internal operating parts from dirt and water. Larger units utilize oil seals at bottom of gear hub. Designed to fit 90° rotation butterfly, plug or ball valves, and other equipment such as dampers. Outputs up to 50,000 inch pounds of torque.

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  • WC - Limit Switch Box

    Solid and clean design with bolt on Visual Position Indicator, Quick Set Cam, Multi Point Terminal Strip, Captive cover Bolts and Easy Mounting.

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  • YS Series Actuators

    The WC-YS Series scotch yoke pneumatic and hydraulic actuator(s) have highly developed features and innovative modular designs for improved efficiency, reduced wear and extended life.

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  • WC-T50 Regulator - Type 50

    This general purpose filter regulator offers precision control in a wide range of pneumatic systems and equipment.

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